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Presentation Guide




  1. The virtual platform used for the conference is MEET. Please ensure you can access our video meetings on MEET.

  2. Due to the online nature of the conference, all paper presenters MUST submit a pre-recorded video of their presentation. The video will be played during the presenter’s session.

  3. As we get nearer to the conference date, the Presentation Schedule will be uploaded on the NPREUS 2022 official website for all papers, posters and workshops. Kindly check the day and time slot of your paper and note the meeting links. Please note that the paper presentation schedule is final but may be subject to changes for administrative purposes. We are not able to accept requests for changes of presentation slots due to the large number of papers. 

  4. Changes to the schedule shall be announced on the NPREUS 2022 conference website via ‘Announcements’ page. So please refer to the announcement page frequently to obtain the latest updates.

  5. Every presenter will be allocated 20 minutes flat for the session, e.g. 15 minutes for the presentation ONLY and an additional 5 minutes for the Q&A. Be sure to adhere to the 15 minutes duration given. This is important to ensure the smooth running of the parallel sessions. The pre-recorded video presentation must be continuous with no video edits and/or breaks, except when forming the beginning and ending of the video. 




  1. Ensure your video resolution is in high definition (720p) with 30 FPS minimum. Please do not use high bandwidth applications to produce your videos. 

  2. The video will record you as you present your slides with your face in the video in a smaller image. Do use the many choices of video-making applications and tools available or seek someone to help you.

  3. Set up your shot so you are clearly in the frame, and not being cut off at the top (visible from the waist up) throughout your presentation. Make sure your face is in front of the camera and is clearly visible. Record your video in a bright room so that the audience can clearly see you.

  4. Adjust both the slide and the video in 16:9- widescreen, and save the video as an mp4 file.

  5. All information such as the title of your paper, authors’ name, affiliation as well as your photo must appear on the first page of your slide presentation.

  6. Take necessary care of intellectual property rights or any other legal rights of other parties to create a presentation slide. The source needs to be indicated as necessary.

  7. No background music is allowed unless it is part of your actual study.

  8. Presentations can be done in English or Malay based on your abstract/study.

  9. The length of your video must strictly be 15 minutes only or less. 




  1. All presenters should be signed in into the MEET platform at least 10 minutes before the time of the presentation as indicated in the Presentation Schedule.

  2. Please have MEET installed in your device and ensure that it is the UPDATED version to avoid any disruption during the session. This is also to enable you to use the many features in the MEET application.

  3. During the MEET session, please indicate your identity in the format of
    “Paper ID No |Full Name”, for example : 101 | Aliyyah Rahim.

  4. The ID number is the ID number of your paper which you have received in the abstract acceptance email.

  5. Do use a professional background look for your presentation.

  6.  ‘Save As’ the video using this title:   Paper ID No and Full Name.





  1. After your video presentation, you will be invited to answer questions live from the floor. So, you will still be required to be in your own ‘session’.

  2. Questions will be posed by viewers either directly or through the Chat function.

  3. The Q&A session will be conducted live and moderated by the moderator, so please be sure you have a stable internet connection and have your camera turned on during this session.




  1. Upload your pre-recorded video presentation through the link which is available on the NPREUS 2022 Abstract Submission webpage. 

  2. Please notify us via email to confirm that you have uploaded your video with the Subject:

NPREUS 2022 Pre-recorded Video Submission: <Paper ID No and Full Name>


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